Potholes - what is being done about them?

road repairsThey seem to have sprung up in their hundreds across the whole country in the weeks since the bitterly cold weather that gripped the nation earlier this year and Buckinghamshire is no exception. The question on everyone's lips is - what is being done about them?

The answer is we have started a multi-million pound programme to repair the county’s roads following the severe winter weather which left significant damage and lots of potholes.

Budgets already earmarked for roads maintenance and repairs this year have been boosted by money from central government grants and council reserves (subject to council approval) for a 'plane and patch' scheme to resurface stretches of roads with lots of potholes close together. 

Mark Shaw, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Transportation, said road defects had worsened in the first three months of this year because of the harsh winter weather, with three severe snow storms and damaging freeze-thaw effects coupled with corrosive road salt action. 

"This is a national problem that doesn't just affect Buckinghamshire," said Mark. "It's good to see the Government has recognised this with the allocation of around £100m in extra funding for councils. While this is very welcome help, it won't solve our under-funded roads maintenance problem and we'd like to see the Government providing a more sustainable solution for our roads." 

Repairs in the cold and wet aftermath of winter weather risked being short-lived, he said, which often means having to do a repair twice. 

"I do appreciate some road surfaces have taken longer to fix than we'd have liked but we are working to improve matters as soon as we can" said Mark. "

"Our plane and patch programme will be a sound investment in our roads and will provide long-lasting surfaces - not just temporary repairs. These works mean that we will be spending £5m on reactive road maintenance this year." 

The additional funds from council reserves will need the agreement of full council on April 26.

Since 2011 the council has invested over £120m to ongoing road maintenance and repairs.

 We now have a quick and easy new online system where you can report potholes in just a few quick steps. Please follow the link on the homepage www.buckscc.gov.uk  


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