Free NHS Health Checks – What’s it all about?

The NHS Health Check is a health ‘MOT’ for all *eligible adults in England aged 40-74.

It's designed to spot early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type-2 diabetes or dementia. As we get older, we have a higher risk of developing one of these conditions and an NHS Health Check helps find ways to lower this risk. Find out more here.

The health check will look at things like your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and help spot early signs of increased risk which means you can do something about it now.

There are lots of ways you can decrease your risk of developing these conditions such as quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol if you drink over the recommended amount, ensuring you remain active and maintaining a healthy weight.         

This is where your Free NHS Health Check can really help.

If you're in the 40-74 age group, without a pre-existing condition (see eligibility criteria below), you can expect to receive a letter from your GP or local authority inviting you for a free NHS Health Check every five years.

We really urge you to take up this offer to spot any early warning signs, improve your health now and for the future.

If you can’t attend the appointment or don’t have a GP you can always book at one of the mobile sessions – take a look here.

To be eligible for a Health Check, you must:

  • Be aged between 40 and 74
  • Be a Buckinghamshire resident
  • Not have been diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, or had a stroke
  • Not have had an NHS Health Check in the last 5 years


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