Drivers - know your limits!

Are you certain of speed limits, stopping distances and how fast you should be driving your make of car?

Most drivers could benefit from a refresher on most aspects of driving and speed is no exception. It goes without saying that driving too fast makes a collision more likely - and more severe. 

So jump online and take a look at Transport for Buckinghamshire's (TfB) innovative new online e-learning module, designed to help drivers recognise the speed limit for their type of vehicle and the type of road they are driving on.

The module also includes information on:

  • Stopping distances
  • Causes and consequences
  • Hazard perception
  • Tips to help you drive within the speed limit

Throughout January, TfB will be focusing on speed, tying in with the National Police Chiefs Council’s national speed campaign.

TfB’s Road Safety team will join forces with the joint operations unit from Hampshire &Thames Valley Police and Bucks Fire and Rescue to promote the campaign, which encourages drivers to think about their speed and to travel at an appropriate speed within the limit.

Try the new speeding module at


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