Are you a carer?

With over 49,500 carers in Buckinghamshire and this figure set to rise, we really value what carers do.

Carers are a wide and varied group with differing needs: Young carers coping with school and college pressures, working people trying to balance job requirements and older carers needing to plan for the future.

It’s important all carers know where to find support and advice. This autumn we will be engaging with carers, and those who work with carers, about their priorities. Finding out about what kinds of things we can do to really make a difference.  

There are other things that carers could also consider doing to help themselves:

  • Tell your GP you are a carer– they can help by giving you longer appointments and signposting to suitable assistance.
  • Tell your school or workplace you are a carer – once they know about your extra care responsibilities are they should support you bette

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