Eat Well and Move More This Summer

Modern life unfortunately makes it easy to be less active - and easy to eat too much food that isn't good for us!

But it's also really easy to make small changes that can actually make a big difference. Summer is the ideal time to give it a try. The warmer weather and longer days mean it's easier to get out and get a bit more active and there are loads of yummy food options that are great for health too. 

Change 4 Life  is a great website that can help your family to be healthier and happier, by providing healthy eating tips, quick and easy family recipes, fun activities for kids, offers and lots more!

So why not join Change 4 Life now, in time for the summer holidays, to receive regular information and join the four million families who have already signed up.

A great way to get more active is to try one of our free guided walks - all part of our 'Simply Walk' programme. There are more than 80 walks each week - it's free to come along, we cater for all levels and it's a great way to meet people and to put a spring in your step.

Check out which walks you might like at


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