Our 2019 'plane and patch' road improvements programme is complete!

Transport for Buckinghamshire’s (TfB) £4 million 'plane and patch' 2019 programme is complete with over 100 roads receiving treatment across the county since the start of March this year.

The areas covered in the plane and patch programme were chosen and overseen by TfB’s Local Area Technicians (LATs), who work closely with local Members to ensure the needs of local residents are addressed. LATs also have a broad knowledge of the roads around Buckinghamshire and those most in need of plane and patch treatment, including minor estate roads.

Plane and patch is a form of road resurfacing which is carried out after the winter. It involves putting a new surface down on a larger stretch of road, to repair issues like multiple potholes, rather than just repairing the individual potholes themselves. It is relatively quick to do and provides good value for money. The plane and patch programme is in addition to the yearly programme of more major road resurfacing, which is carried out every summer on routes strategically identified with local Members.

When it comes to prioritising which roads to repair, TfB takes a balanced approach. We believe this strategy provides the best mix of preventative and replacement work across all roads in the county. Plane and patch work is particularly effective on minor roads and this explains why a lot of quieter, residential areas do receive plane and patch treatment.

To report a problem with a Bucks road go to https://www.fixmystreet.buckscc.gov.uk/


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