Praise for Bucks Adult Social Care staff

More than a third of Buckinghamshire County Council’s entire budget is spent on social care for adults and, inevitably, things don’t go right all the time.

That’s why the council has a statutory duty to record complaints and deal with them effectively, and Councillor Lin Hazell, Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, is the woman in charge of monitoring the public feedback and making sure it is acted upon.

Happily for Lin, and for Bucks County Council and its residents, the number of moans is falling and the number of pats on the back is steadily rising.

In 2016/17 the complaints tally was 78 while expressions of praise hit 107, Last year (2017/18) there were 54 complaints compared to 130 compliments.

Councillor Hazell said: “We know we don’t always get everything right, but we are always trying to move forward and deliver improvements in the service we offer so it’s nice when our staff get recognition for their hard work.”

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