Why not start a Street Association?

Have you ever thought about starting a Street Association?...

....well why not think about it now?

There are loads of positives; a Street Association brings together local residents who want to make their community stronger, friendlier and more supportive, a place where people belong and look out for one- another.

Street Association members act as the eyes and ears on their street, learning to spot neighbours who may need a little bit of help and pointing them in the direction of relevant services.

Members are encouraged to start a conversation with their neighbours to check they’re safe and well and how to spot someone who may need some help, something as simple as noticing dustbins have been out for longer than normal, curtains have been closed for days, recognising a neighbour may need help with shopping if there has been bad weather.

A Street Association can also help to prevent crime as well as tackling loneliness and isolation. The guiding ethos is that a neighbourhood with a strong sense of itself as a community is a safer and stronger community for everybody.
Take a look at this video for some inspiration 


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