Summer days and drinking safely

Summer is a wonderful time for outdoor activities with family and friends. For many people, a day at the park, beach or a barbecue will include drinking alcoholic drinks.

Do bear in mind that drinking too much alcohol can impair both physical and mental abilities and it also decreases inhibitions— all great material for highly embarrassing social media posts, captured for eternity. However, it can also lead to tragic consequences on the water, on the road and in the great outdoors.

A great way to lessen the impact of alcohol on your body is to follow the SLOW technique:

Switch – Try to alternate your alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on a night out. Or have one or two alcoholic drinks, then switch to the soft stuff. 

Low – where possible, go low. That’s lower ABV - a 3.5% beer is better than 5%, 11% wines preferable to 14%. You can drink more volume if the alcoholic strength is lower. 

O is for off days – Try and have several days a week where you don’t drink. One or two none drinking days per week helps your liver and other organs recover, especially if you've been overdoing it. 

W is for Water. Water is your friend - try drinking water before and definitely after alcohol. This will keep you hydrated and help you sleep better.

Alcohol also contains lots of calories so if you are trying to stay healthy over the summer, make sure you know how many calories are in your favourite drinks and try to stay within the low risk guidelines to prevent alcohol affecting your health.

Check out how many units are considered as the safer low risk amount and how many calories are in popular drinks


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