Tax-Free Childcare available to parents with children under 12

Last month Tax-Free Childcare (TFC) rolled out to all eligible parents with children under 12. Through an online account, for every £8 you pay in, the government will add an extra £2. You can receive up to £2,000 per child, or £4,000 for children with a disability, to use for registered childcare like childminders, nurseries and schools.

Am I eligible?

You, and any partner must each expect to earn (on average) at least £120 per week (equal to 16 hours at the National Minimum or Living Wage) but less than 100,000 per year. You may still be eligible if you’re not working due to maternity, paternity, adoption leave, a disability, or have caring responsibilities. To confirm you're eligible for Tax-Free Childcare (and other schemes like 30 hours) visit Childcare Choices to confirm this and start your application.

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