Carers - the glue that keeps communities thriving

In the 2011 census nearly fifty thousand people were recorded as registered carers in Bucks.

This figure will be even higher today as, between 2001 and 2011; there was a 38% increase in the number of people providing 20+ hours of care per week.

The number of carers is evidently rising.

Additionally, this figure of nearly fifty thousand carers doesn’t take into account those who do not recognise or think of themselves as a carer. They haven’t asked for any help or advice and they are coping alone in sometimes very difficult situations.

To be clear: You are considered to be a ‘carer’ if you spend time looking after or helping a family member, friend or neighbour who, because of their health and care needs, would find it difficult to cope without your help.

Basically, the chances are you will know someone who is a carer.

Our carers come from all kinds of backgrounds and situations: young, in school, elderly, working, retired etc and they all do a vital job. They provide support to the person they look after and also in an economic sense - giving care that would otherwise have to be paid for or provided by others.

Carers are a highly valued group of people with sometimes very individual needs. So, with the number of people living with dementia set to rise by 70% in the next ten years, we really encourage all carers to register and access the support they are entitled to.

If you’re a carer or know someone who is, you can find out about local support groups and other information at

You can register as a carer here:


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