Keep the bugs at bay this Christmas!

There are lots of ways you can look after yourself to stay well over Christmas. Make sure your medicine cabinet is well-stocked and if you feel under the weather just take some rest and plenty of fluids - plus over the counter medication if you need it. Your local pharmacist will be able to give you advice on all kinds of minor ailments. 

And washing your hands regularly and well might be all it takes to stop you getting poorly at this time of year, when bugs and viruses circulate more easily. 

Use NHS111 for urgent medical help

Despite our best efforts to stay well and be healthy, anyone can find they need medical help urgently. So it’s reassuring to know help is always at hand from the NHS111 team,  24 hours a day, every day of the year. 

If you have a medical concern that is urgent or are worried about what you should do then dial 111 or go online at

The NHS111 team can connect you to the right healthcare professional for your needs, such as nurses, emergency dentists, or mental health services or GPs or they may direct you to a pharmacist.

NHS111 advisors can also book face-to-face appointments with an out of hours GP which could be in the Urgent Treatment Centre based at Wycombe Hospital which treats minor conditions. 111 staff can also  book appointments directly with your own GP, and if you are assessed as needing an ambulance, one will be sent directly.

111 is the best choice for getting the right medical help or advice quickly, although if you think your life is at risk then you should call 999

Good Neighbours – spread the goodwill

Looking out for neighbours who are elderly or frail is something everyone can do which makes a huge difference to older people in the winter months, especially if they live alone, are frail or ill.

 As cold weather kicks in, many elderly residents feel trapped and very lonely, unable to get to the shops or their GP if they have a problem. Not everyone will ask for help, so make the first move. Could you offer to collect medicine or shopping?  You might help prevent the risk of a fall.  Know the signs that they may need help - not seen a neighbour for a while? Are their curtains always drawn? Is milk still on the door step or mail in the door? They may need help. Don’t wait - pop round and check if they are ok.

If you are concerned about a neighbour or need to speak to someone urgently about a vulnerable adult, get in touch with the adult social care team: 01296 383 204 / outside office hours: 0800 999 7677

More information about looking after yourself and others in winter can be found on the Buckinghamshire County Council website  




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