Your new council is coming – Buckinghamshire Council

It's a big year for local government in Buckinghamshire - 2020 is when the new Buckinghamshire Council will replace the county council and the four district councils in the county. 

There's a lot being finalised ready for day one on 1 April and now the branding for Buckinghamshire’s new council has been revealed after being agreed by the Shadow Executive, who are leading the creation of the new Buckinghamshire Council.

The logo, which will be used by the new Buckinghamshire Council from April 2020 has been created at no cost, using in-house expertise and designers from across the five councils. 

It represents Buckinghamshire’s beautiful natural environment including its hills, rivers, and ancient woodland and in a nod to the county’s ceremonial history, it also includes a swan in flight over the landscape.

The new logo will start to appear in the new year as part of a campaign to promote the new council to residents, business and local organisations.

Find out more about the logo and your new council on the shadow executive website


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