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This months new blockbuster films are coming soon to a library near you. Click on the film and reserve your copy today. 

DVD the great gatsby despicable me 2 dvd pacific rim DVD the wolverine DVD the internship
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Coming soon to a cinema near you is the Marvel classic Thor: The Dark World.  If you're a fan of the Marvel films then you might enjoy a graphic novel or two. We have over 1700 graphic novels for you choose from, including Thor. Or you could catch up with all the previous Marvel film releases and rate your favourite online.

An adaptiation of Irvine Welsh's Filth has also been recently released.  Filth's anti-hero is Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson, played by James McAvoy. The story begins with Robertson planning to enjoy Christmas in Amsterdam with all that that entales. However, there are irritating flies in the ointment, though, including a missing wife, a nagging cocaine habit, a dramatic deterioration in his genital health, a string of increasingly demanding extra-marital affairs. The last thing he needs is a messy murder to solve. Still it will mean plenty of overtime, a chance to stitch up some colleagues and finally clinch the promotion he craves. But as Bruce spirals through the lower reaches of degradation and evil, he encounters opposition - in the form of truth and ethical conscience. In Bruce Robertson, Welsh has created one of the most corrupt, misanthropic characters in contemporary fiction. Read and rate the book and watch out for the DVD release coming soon to a library near you. 

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Looking for film inspiration? This months edition of Total Film is all about fantasy. Download this title and many more for free with our eMagazine service.

Known as 'The Modern Guide To Movies', Total Film is a great guide to what's hot in the world of movie culture.

In this months issue of Total Film: Cinema reviews include, Captain Phillips, Filth, and The Fifth Estate. There's a focus on fantasy with interview with Cate Blanchett who discusses all thing Galafrial. Need even more fantasy? Then try downloading SFX too  - great for reading on the move.

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