How much do you really drink?

Think you know your drink?

If you've ever thought about the amount of alcohol you drink, did you try to cut down? Would you know what the safer drinking levels are?

Thousands of people across the county are trying to cut down or even give up alcohol this year. They are hoping to protect themselves from the damage that drinking too much alcohol can have on your body.

Alcohol Awareness Week runs from 19-25 November. We are encouraging everyone who likes a drink to stay within the recommended safe limits.

It is a good idea to know how much is now considered to be a safe level of alcohol. Once you know, you can try to protect your body from the harmful effects of drinking too much. You can also help someone else reduce their alcohol intake.

How much should I be drinking?

The maximum per week:

14 single measures of spirit (25ml) 40% ABV


6 glasses of wine (175ml) 13% ABV


6 pints of ordinary strength beer or cider (568ml) 4% ABV

If you're concerned that you or someone you know is drinking too much alcohol, there's a lot of help and support.

Please be careful though as it can be dangerous to stop drinking too quickly. If you have shaking, sweating or anxiety before your first drink of the day you will need medical support. Your own GP is a good place to start and they can help you reduce your drinking at a safe pace.

Here are some useful organisations and their contact details:

One Recovery Bucks

Bucks Drink Checker

Live Well Stay Well Bucks

NHS One You            

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