Read baby Amber's story

Amber (not her real name or image) is a baby who lives in Buckinghamshire...

Hi I am 4 months old, I was born in the month of May. I have big brown sparkly eyes and shiny brown hair.  I live with my foster carers who take really good care of me. I was not able to live with my mummy as she had a lot of her own problems which meant she was not able to keep me safe. My mummy told the Social Workers that she didn’t know who my daddy was so I have never met him.

I have lived with my foster carers since I left the hospital when I was 4 weeks old. They take really good care of me and this makes me feel safe and happy. 

Amber is one of many children in Buckinghamshire who need an adoptive family, and sadly, right now we have a number of different children in our care who also need a loving home. You can read more about them here:

There are lots of myths around adoption but you can adopt a child regardless of cultural background, employment and relationship status, gender or sexual orientation. 

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