Winter advice if you are a carer

If you're a carer then you are eligible for a free flu vaccine. It's really important that you stay well to look after anyone depending on you, plus you can avoid passing on an illness to a more vulnerable person.

To get your free flu vaccine make sure you contact your GP or local pharmacist. 

If you work in a care home you too are eligible for a free flu vaccine - again speak to your employer, your GP or your pharmacist. 

If you work with or look after someone with a learning disability or autism you can help to make sure they get their vaccine too.

Winter is also a harder time of year for the elderly and isolated and we can all do our bit to help friends and neighbours who may be more vulnerable. Could you offer to do an elderly neighbour’s shopping for them for example, or just knock on the door and check they’re OK?

For more winter advice from the nhs go to


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