Changing lives through adoption

group of childrenAdoption changes lives, not just the life of the child being adopted but also those of the new parents and their wider family.

This month, as we celebrate National Adoption Week (16 to 22 October), we speak to one of our families to find out more about their adoption story.

Alison and her wife Hayley had been keen to adopt and start their own family for several years before they got in touch with the Buckinghamshire County Council Adoption Team. They adopted their son when he was 19 months old, he is now four.

The couple had requested a child under the age of five and were open to adopting siblings. Initially they were matched with three separate children but Alison explained: “As soon as we got the details though for the first little boy, we knew he was the one.”

The adoption process was long and involved but the couple knew that this was what they wanted to do. “There are lots of issues that come with adopted children that you have to be prepared for.  The training can be stressful and the matching week was so intense and exhausting but at no point did we think, no, we can’t go through with this.”

Like a number of adopted children, Alison and Hayley’s son has some developmental issues which the couple have had training and ongoing support to deal with. “There have been lots of struggles along the way like any new parents but he has just started school and is settling in really well. He’s the most incredible little boy,” says Alison.

Offering her advice to anyone thinking adopting, Alison said: “It’s not something you go into lightly and there will be issues. You have to be open about it and prepared for anything.” For Alison and Hayley, they haven’t looked back: “Being able to adopt has meant we now have the family we’ve always dreamed of. Our son is so special and we are so proud of him. It can be really hard but it’s also wonderful.”

The couple have recently got to know their son’s 10 year old sibling and his adopted family and the brothers are getting to know each other which Alison says is one  of the best things that has happened for all of them. Alison and Hayley are considering adopting another child at some point in the future but for now their focus is firmly on bringing up their lively and loving four year old son.

If you are interested in adoption and would like to find out more, visit our website where you will find lots of information or get in touch with our Adoption Team via email:



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