Paving the way for your new Buckinghamshire Council

Plans for the new Buckinghamshire Council, which will be replacing the five current councils (Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern, South Bucks and Wycombe district councils and Bucks County Council) on 1 April 2020 are continuing.

You can keep up to date with the latest news about the new council on the Shadow Authority website, Twitter or Facebook

Local contact points across the county

Plans for a network of new 'Council Access Points' have been agreed by the Shadow Executive - the body overseeing the creation of the new council. These new access points will be in existing buildings like libraries and council offices at the heart of local communities. They will help the new unitary council be close to communities and the network of council access points will spread across the county stretching from Buckingham in the north to Burnham in the south. 

You’ll be able to get information, advice and support on a range of topics at a location close to where you live or work. Staff will be on hand at each council access point to provide face-to-face help, signpost people to the right places to get help and offer support with online services. 

The five current council main offices in Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Amersham and Capswood will become ‘Access Plus’ centres, offering extra services from Monday to Friday for residents who have more complex enquiries.

The locations of the other council access points will be confirmed and promoted as part of the launch preparations for Buckinghamshire Council.

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