What do you think transport in the region should look like in the future?

There’s still time to have your say on the future of transport in our region - not just Bucks but a wider area across a larger part of this area of the UK.

Regional transport body England Economic Heartland’s engagement on its Outline Transport Strategy lasts until October 31. The views of residents and businesses will help shape next year’s overarching transport strategy, which will set out the region’s infrastructure needs to both Government and the private sector.

Mayor Dave Hodgson, chair of EEH’s Strategic Transport Forum – which includes elected leaders and cabinet members from authorities across the region - said: “I’d encourage anyone with an interest in the region’s future to have their say and help shape the detail of our future transport system.”

Buckinghamshire County Council is a member of England’s Economic Heartland, which stretches from Swindon across to Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire down to Hertfordshire.  EEH provides leadership in the long term planning of strategic infrastructure, in order to realise the region's economic potential in a way which improves accessibility and inclusivity, quality of life and the environment.

For more information log onto www.englandseconomicheartland.com


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