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World Mental Health Day took place earlier this month, and in keeping with the theme this month’s selection comes from the Mood Boosting collection, chosen by readers in 2018. The health benefits of reading have been well documented over recent years.  You can see our full Reading Well collection here

Our book of the month is The Stranger on the Bridge by Jonny Benjamin.

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In 2008, 20 year-old Jonny Benjamin stood on Waterloo Bridge, about to jump. A stranger saw his distress and stopped to talk with him - a decision that saved Jonny's life.  Fast forward to 2014 and Jonny, together with Rethink Mental Illness launch a campaign with a short video clip so that Jonny could finally thank that stranger who put him on the path to recovery. More than 319 million people around the world followed the search. ITV's breakfast shows picked up the story until the stranger, whose name is Neil Laybourn, was found and - in an emotional and touching moment - the pair reunited and have remained firm friends ever since.

'The Stranger on the Bridge' is a memoir of the journey Jonny made both personally, and publicly to not only find the person who saved his life, but also to explore how he got to the bridge in the first place and how he continues to manage his diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder.


“In my world, the word inspirational gets bandied around a lot, but Jonny Benjamin is truly deserving of that adjective.” - HRH The Duke of Cambridge

“A personal appeal against the cultural entrenchment of the stigma that still surrounds male mental health.” - Men's Health

“Important and life-affirming memoir.” - The Bookseller

“Jonny Benjamin is the most inspirational man I know. His book shows us how remarkable the human spirit is.” - Bryony Gordon, bestselling author of Mad Girl.


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