Accessibility statement

We see accessibility as an essential part of website design and we understand that many of the existing and potential visitors may have sight problems or other disabilities, and that obstacles need to be removed preventing them from using this website. This is why it has been constructed to be accessible to as many internet users as possible, including those using assistive technology.

Your feedback is essential
We have tried to cater for as many people as possible but there may be occasions when accessibility can be improved further so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems accessing the content of this website.

Finding your way around
Sections provide navigation at the top of the page and through dropdown menus to access content relevant to each section, and a link back to the home page. Each section may contain further navigation links down the right hand side of the page which are relevant to that section.

At the top of every page in the header you will also find a link back to the main home page identifiable by the emotional insights logo.

PDF Files and Adobe Acrobat
Some areas of the website offer PDF files available for download.    

Text Size
Most web browsers allow you to change text and link styles. More advanced features (such as magnification and alternative style sheets) are also available in certain browsers. Choose your browser from the list below for instructions. (To find out what browser/version you're using, choose 'Help' then 'About' from the top menu in your browser.)

Internet Explorer (versions 6 and above)
Changing the text size:
1. Choose your required size from the 'Text Size' option under the 'View' menu.

Opera (version 7)
Changing the text size:
1. From the 'View' menu, choose 'Zoom' and select the viewing size you need.

Changing the text size:
1. Choose 'View' from the menu bar.
2. Choose required size.

Changing the text size:
1. From the 'View' menu, choose 'Make Text Bigger' or 'Make Text Smaller'.

Skip links
If you are using an audio browser (or small screen mobile device) and don't wish to have the navigation read out to you on any page, we have included a 'skip navigation' link as one of the first entries on the page. If you select this link you will be taken straight to the page heading, and then the page content.

All pages have a tab index so that pressing the tab key will sequentially go through the links on the web page from top to bottom.

Further information about web accessibility