NHS Health Checks – the facts

Bucks County Council NHS Health Checks have been running in Bucks since 2013. Over 130,000 people in Bucks invited to a Health Check, according to 2018 figures.

The NHS Health Check is a quick and easy ‘health MOT’ for eligible residents and really does save lives.

With the risk of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and dementia increasing over the age of 40, the NHS Health Check acts as an early warning system.

Making a change in lifestyle or habits can cut down the chances of these diseases developing unchecked and becoming more serious further down the line.

In August 2019 central government announced a review into ways to make the NHS Health Check more effective and personalised. This review is now underway.

However, it is important everyone knows that NHS Health Checks are still ongoing, and so if you have had a letter from your GP inviting you for one, you should definitely go along.

We want to increase the number of people in Bucks living well for longer and NHS Health Checks are a quick and simple way of doing that.

You can find out more, register and check your eligibility here

Councillor records his Health Check appointment!

Having your NHS Health Check and the results recorded is not something many of us would contemplate, but the Cabinet Member for Community Engagement at Bucks County Council, Gareth Williams, has done just that.

In an effort to encourage people, especially men aged 40 - 50, to go to their appointment he filmed his NHS Health Check to find out and share what really goes on.

He told us, ‘I eat pretty healthily, do a bit of walking with my dogs and generally feel fine. I’m pretty busy so time is always tight and never having had a Health Check before, I wasn’t sure what to expect.’

‘I arrived for the Health Check with my trainers and shorts ready to do star jumps but was quickly reassured that this was not the case!‘

‘Hannah, my Health Check professional, talked me through each step of the process and made sure I was aware of what all my results meant. They revealed that there are things I should do to continue feeling fit and well. It was really interesting seeing my health ‘scores’ and I was also surprised to find out there is such a thing as good cholesterol’

‘Clearly prevention is key, and going to a Free NHS Health Check offer is an effective and quick way to make sure you stay well for longer. I strongly encourage other people, men in particular, to go along’

You can take a look at Gareth’s NHS Health Check here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz-wyyfTP1DXp26mFGCIiSxaNs69A--Lk


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