You can read e-magazines free too!

New accessibility features are now available on RBdigital. For those who aren’t aware, you can download eMagazines onto your desktop, laptop or mobile device using the RBdigital app for free with your Buckinghamshire library card number. A full library member can read as many titles as they want, and keep eMagazines for as long as they like.

A blue accessibility button now appears on the bottom right of the home page of the RBdigital website when accessed on a PC.

When a library member clicks on this button, the accessibility toolbar will display on the right edge of the page. From the toolbar, library members can access a full range of accessibility features. The RBdigital web interface will also now work with third-party accessibility software and readers across both mobile and desktop platforms, including VoiceOver, TalkBack, JAWS, NVDA, and Windows Narrator.

Instructions for using RBdigital are available here.


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